Central Mass Serenity

On Christmas Day Winchendon Firefighter Paramedic Chris Hackett arrived early for his 24-hour shift on duty even though he had been feeling off for the past week. Chris has been with the Winchendon Fire Department full time since Feb 2017 and in the Fire service for 27 years . Unfortunately, on Christmas Day, events occurred that would have an effect on the rest of his life. During a medical Call for service Chris was providing care for a sick patient when he suddenly became very sick. Upon arrival at the Hospital Chris’s partner noticed that when Chris opened the back doors of the Ambulance, Chris was not well. He observed  Chris doing his best to mask his illness so the patient would not get scared. Chris was very pale and in obvious distress. Ultimately after a stay in the ER @ Heywood Hospital Chris was emergently transferred to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston where he underwent many hours of surgery for a Dissected Aorta. Doctors struggled for hours to stop his bleeding. Chris was outfitted with a new mechanical aortic valve and almost a complete replacement of his Aorta. Chris spent a few days in the ICU and things seemed to be going well until Mon the 31stwhen Doctors discovered one of his kidneys was not functioning as it should. Chris was sent back to the ICU.  After monitoring for a couple of weeks it was discovered that Chris had Ischemic Colitis which was unreparable.  He underwent another major surgery where he had half of his colon removed.  A few days after the surgery it was discovered that he was suffering another complication called Ileus.  This was a waiting game as there was not much treatment for this painful side affect.  His wife Genevieve has not left his side and continues to advocate and care for him. Chris has a long road ahead of him and anyone that knows Chris is aware that he is known for working 100 plus hours a week to provide for his family. Chris and his family need our help now as he needs to focus on getting through this. On behalf of Chris’s family, it would be greatly appreciated if you could offer a few dollars to help them make ends meet. Chris and his family are very private people, and this is the last thing he would want to ask for, but it is time. Please help in his time of need.  Thank You. 

Here is  a link for the Go Fund Me Fundraiser.

Special thanks to Molly Mahoney for handling this campaign !!! 
If you are uncomfortable with using Gofundme.com, Contributions can be made out and addressed to the. 
Winchendon Career Firefighters Local 4542
405 Central St 
Winchendon, Mass 01475.
Write Chris Hackett in the memo section.

If you would like to help in a different way,

  1. Genevieve's lightworker family has come together to host a holistic fair fundraiser you are welcome to attend.   If you would like to participate, please contact Julie Ann Gadziala at julieann@nhmetaphysical.com.  
  2. The Winchendon American Legion Auxiliary Unit 193 is sponsering an evening of comedy for a cause benefit for the Hackett family